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City of Carnation


Carnation is a rural western Washington community of 2,220 residents that is approximately 1.1 square miles in size.  Within easy reach of Seattle, Carnation features an abundance of natural beauty and outdoor experiences.  Framed by the Cascade foothills and located where the Tolt and Snoqualmie Rivers meet, Carnation is in one of the most productive agricultural regions in the Northwest. 

City of Duvall


There are 7,655 (2018 OFM Population Estimate) people living in Duvall and it is one of the fastest growing communities in the state. The city was named after James Duvall, a logger, who homesteaded here in 1871. We are a small, yet diverse city, rich in history and tradition. Our residents represent many walks of life and represent an exciting cross section of occupations and cultures.

Duvall Fire


Duvall Fire covers approximately 53 square miles.  This includes the City of Duvall, and the communities of  Lake Margret, and Lake Marcel.

Duvall Police

Our first priority is and always will be to preserve the high quality of life and feeling of safety for our city's growing population. Members of the Duvall Police Department are committed to serving our community with professionalism, respect, and compassion. To optimize stewardship of police resources, the department balances sustainability with a firm and quick response to crime, problem solving through community partnerships, and crime prevention.


Friends of Youth


Friends of Youth provides counseling to youth and their families in Issaquah, North Bend, and Duvall. Additionally, Friends of Youth has partnered with local school districts to provide some counseling and support for youth in their schools. Our services include individual and/or family therapy, depending on the needs of the youth. The counselors at Friends of Youth believe that helping individuals and families identify and build on strengths is an important component of the counseling process.

King County Sheriff

Ensuring the safety of people in King County is our top priority. We aim to do this in a respectful manner based on our core values of leadership, integrity, service, and teamwork. Every employee is expected to provide the best customer service by working with you to address your concerns.


Riverview School District


Riverview School District, located thirty miles east of Seattle in the beautiful lower Snoqualmie Valley, encompasses the communities of Carnation, Duvall, and surrounding areas of eastern King County.  The District covers approximately 250 square miles and serves more than 3,250 students.

Snoqualmie Valley Community Network


The Snoqualmie Valley Community Network invites you to join our mission of promoting and inspiring youth to lead safe, healthy, and successful lives. Our Vision is Building Better Futures for Youth.  This important work must involve all sectors of the community in collaboration to change norms and environmental conditions that influence personal health decisions. You are invited to bring your energy, passion, and care to meetings, events, and initiatives.

University of Washington Forefront Program


Forefront Suicide Prevention is a Center of Excellence at the University of Washington focused on reducing suicide by empowering individuals and communities to take sustainable action, championing systemic change, and restoring hope.

Riverview Education Foundation

The Foundation is a non-profit, volunteer organization established in 1991 by local Community members to enhance the educational opportunities of the Riverview School District students.

City of Duvall
Duvall Fire
Duvall Police
Friends of Youth
King County Sherrif
Riverview School District
UW Forefront

Riverview PTSA Council

Riverview PTSA Council supports seven local PTSAs, one for each school in our district. You Local PTSA membership also gives you a voice with Council, Washington State PTA and National PTA.


Larch Counseling

Larch Counseling provides counseling for hurting adolescents, overwhelmed parents, disconnected couples, and everyone in-between, to find hope that things can be different in their lives. We have a team of counselors located in Duvall, and partner with the District to support students through groups and individual counseling.


Unified Counseling

Our mission is to provide evidence based, effective mental health and substance use services to children, teens, adults, and parents on the greater Eastside of Seattle. We have partnered with the task force to provide consultation and educational presentations related to the mental health and well being of community members.


Riverview Resilient

Riverview Resilient is an effort of the Riverview Resiliency Team. The goal is to help community members gain an understanding of the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and strategies for working through some of life’s difficult times. 

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