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Community Task Force Established

With the recent tragedies of student loss over the last six months, and more recently in the last two weeks; an inclusive group of city and community partners have come together and formed a community wellness task force to address the ongoing needs of our students, families, and community at-large.

With representatives from the City of Carnation, City of Duvall, Duvall Fire, Duvall Police, PTSA's, Riverview Education Foundation, Riverview Resilient, Riverview School District, and Snoqualmie Valley Community Network, the task force met on October 29, 2019, to outline a framework for bringing in resources to help prevent further tragedy and take steps toward healing.

The community wellness task force hopes to augment and support existing programs and resources already in place in our school district and through partnerships around our region.

We encourage everyone to please take care of each other, reach out, talk, and access resources available. Encourage your students to come to school, to talk, to cope, to connect with the things in their lives that give them happiness and strength. We are a hurting community, but we are also a strong community that is supportive of each other.

For more information, please reach out via e-mail to Shaun Tozer, City of Duvall, ( or Mike Ward, Riverview School District, (

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